2.5 transition weirdness

So I launched the new version of the app and poked around for the first time this morning. Now it appears that most if not all of my zones have run at least briefly today (some popped up sprinklers and wet spots in the beds) and most of my schedules are showing Not Scheduled for future waterings except for a couple that used to say April 21 and now say May 1. No zones reflect watering today in the app.

Very weird.

Was this expected with the new software update?

Hi @mdadgar,

This shouldn’t have been caused by the 2.5 app, as there weren’t any firmware updates. If you haven’t changed anything from the app in terms of schedules, nothing on the device would have changed; to our knowledge at least. If you want us to take a look though, we’re of course happy to. Please send an email to support@rachio.com.

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Will do - thank you!