2.5 Software Release!

We have released the iOS 2.5 app, Android 2.5 app, and 2.5 Webapp clients.

iOS and Android will be available in a few hours in their respective app stores.

Here are some helpful (?) articles in regards to the release.

Release Notes

Water as needed schedules

Fine tuning water as needed schedules

New climate skip weather intelligence feature

Searching all 2.5 related articles

We do listen and read each and every piece of feedback, so as always it’s appreciated, good, bad, indifferent.

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Nice update!

Since I am new to the system I haven’t actually started my watering schedule (haven’t determined when to start watering yet either). However I noticed that with the update, my watering schedule is not breaking up to allow for runoff or soak time like it was before. Previously my schedule would break up into 6 minute increments, but now it’s just blocks of time.

Also I don’t know how you got the default zone run times, because they are different than what the app was telling me to do before the update. How do I know if the initial setting is over or under what it should be or will get to. Is it the minimum for the season or an average?

I love where everything is going, I’m just trying to figure out how to start in the right foot.

Thank you!!

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Do you happen to have any emitter or drip nozzle types in your schedule? If those are in the same schedule they will disallow smart cycling from happening.

This matrix also shows the max. amount of time (based on zone characteristics) we allow a zone to run before cycling.

They are for this month. So if you choose fixed or watering as needed, both will be adjusted with new minutes each month, and water as needed frequency will also be adjusted.

Hope this helps.


2.5 Update has been nothing but problems.

I was on thep hone for 55 minutes this morning with Tom. Great guy, but we didn’t fix the issue.

Not to mention, getting away from Flex schedules is not great either.

Great product went downhill.

I was also promised an email outlining the steps we took to fix the problem - this has not been sent yet as promised, in case additional troubleshooting is required.

Can you help me understand the issue trying to fix?

Also, flex is still in the app if you were currently using it. If you accidentally removed your schedule, would be glad to add one back for you.


App will no longer open on 2 iPhones after update. We tried multiple Wifi Locations, no other changes other than the 2.5 update.
He is located in a different state than your Tech Engineers.
1 hour on the phone is quite crazy to be honest.

Also settings that were saved prior to the update did not stick for some reason. I had to manually fix them through the app.

Flex schedules are leaving in November.

I was going to “play” with the new Water as Needed scheduling to see how it worked, so on the WEB app I clicked on “Add watering schedule.” The pop-up showed zones starting at Zone 6 with no apparent way to get to zones 1 through 5. It also shows all the disabled zones, but at least they are shown disabled.

This is a 16 zone original Iro. The Android app shows all the zones.

Hi @sbillard,
I believe that’s a display issue. How many zones do you have and how many are enabled?

We’re working on getting a fix out…

Dan :rachio:

There are 9 zones enabled. So what shows is 4 enabled zones and 7 disabled ones. The “slider” at the bottom is all the way left. The text for the last zone is off the screen, thus the reason the slider shows.

Sorry to hear about your experience. That is unacceptable.

I can send you a 2.5.1 build of the software to see if that resolves your issue? If you send me an email with your Apple email address franz@rachio.com or PM me (click on my name --> message) we will get you up and running.

Also, we will continue to evaluate all of our schedules, so please don’t focus on flex November timeframe. Continue to use it if it was working well for you.

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Thanks. We should have a fix out for that today…

Dan :rachio:


The issue you’re seeing should be fixed (may take a few refreshes). Let me know if it’s not or you notice anything else!

Dan :rachio:


All zones now showing. Thanks. I’ll explore more now that I can.


May I have my flex schedule back, please.

I went from Gen 1 to Gen 2, and went ahead and accepted all of the defaults to have an ‘as needed’ schedule, listening to the statement that Flex schedules were gone from the product.

Look what I’ve got now. I water every zone every day for a total of 39 minutes. With my Flex schedule it was only watering when the soil was dry enough to need it.

Thank you.

Best regards,


I’ve provided a link at the bottom with tips if you want to continue to try water as neeed. If you’d like to stay with flex and you’ve accidentally deleted it, you can create any number of flex schedules here:

Create flex schedules:

For a summary of our thought process this might help:

Water as needed tips

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Thank you. Much appreciated.

I did my best to put into place the ‘flex’ schedule I had. I’ll have to wait for the ‘45 minutes in advance of start’ time period to see the schedule for the month change. Even though all of my zones still show to water tomorrow, none are near the ‘too dry’ limit to actually trigger watering.

Best regards,