2.5 software release testing


Just wanted to give a quick update. We started testing last week and are making good progress.

As soon as testing is finished we will submit to the app stores. I’ll post new features with screenshots soon.



That poor webapp dev :smile:

Also, I see Asana - I recently started using that with my team. I like it so far. Really powerful task list templating for sure.


Lol, @Dan is definitely in defect fixing mode :wink:


Will 2.5 include software for the flow sensor?


We’ve finished the firmware which reports exact usage when zones are run. Just need to test and release.

Might be out before 2.5 :wink:



Good news. That’s what motivated me to upgrade my controllers. But I’m waiting to see it delivered before buying the flow sensors…


@stonecliff, just curious, what flow sensor would you buy?


I’m leaning toward the CST model, since it’s the only one that can measure low flow levels.

Sure would be nice if you could private label a flow sensor from them, and bring the cost down. It’s a little nuts how expensive they are.


@stonecliff, I’ve heard they aren’t cheap :disappointed:, but very high quality.