2.5 Schedule creation - can't see zones 1-5

Maybe the 2.5 web app hasn’t rolled out entirely, but I just went in to try to add a schedule using the new web interface and zones 1-5 were missing from the zone selection screen. When I got to the final screen for schedule setup, zones 1-5 were present and had watering times. At present time, I cannot deselect any of those zones due to the odd behavior of the zone selection screen.

This is using Chrome, with script blocking disabled.

Are these zones in a different schedule already?

All zones are in pre-existing schedules. I disabled my spray schedule prior to creating a new schedule, but zones 4-5 (spray) as well as 1-3 don’t show up in the web interface.

I can select tree drip zone (#10) even with that zone already in an active flex schedule.
I see zones 6-16 available in the selection screen (11-16 are not in use by the controller).
Zones 1-5 would be what I would expect to see if I could somehow scroll left…

Hi @wx16!
Thanks for the feedback. We’ll let you know when a fix is out…

Dan :rachio:


Observing the same issue in Firefox 45.0.2.
Zones 1-5 missing.

@wx16 & @FiveStrBass – I’d like to try to reproduce the issue you’re experiencing on your account(s). Could you send a quick note to support@rachio.com with your Rachio username and reference this community post?

Thanks, Emil


I notice the same problem with my zones 1-6 when trying to add a schedule on the web app, so I just selected zone 7 and continued. When I got to the total watering times settings, all the zones were there.For the ones I didn’t want to use I made the time 0 minutes. Not the best way to do it on the web, but it works. I ended up deleting that schedule and doing it right on my iPad.

Thanks for the screen shots (and work-around!) @Khillski, that helps narrow down the issue…

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@wx16, thanks. I believe I’ve replicated the issue.

I know @Dan is looking into the issue. We’ll let you know when it’s fixed.

Best, Emil

This should be fixed (but may require a few refreshes). Let me know if anyone is still seeing the issue.

Dan :rachio:




Still a problem.


If you send me your username, I’ll look @ your data and see what’s going on…

Dan :rachio:

How do I send it privately?


Click on my name above one of my posts, then click “message” on the pop-up that appears…


Hi @stonecliff,
What browser/OS are you using?

Just to update the thread, it looks like that’s sorted out. If anyone else is still seeing the issue please refresh the page, close the browser, and re-open…