2.0 Testing in progress!

Testing with a little help from the pre-historic age.

We are testing multiple software code bases (Web, iOS, Android, Cloud API, and firmware) and lots 'o moving parts, so it’s difficult to say when we will wrap up, but making great progress.

We use a tool called Trello for development planning, implementation, and testing. Squashing defects.


Trello is awesome! We also use this at work for tracking our projects and new initiatives.

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I’ve used Asana, Rally, Pivotal Tracker, Jira, etc. for project management and Trello seems to straddle the balance between simplicity and usability.


oh jesus, trello? wow.

we moved over to bit bucket and jira, it is nice to have source integration with ticket management.

@plainsane Agreed, our team is small enough right now where Trello seems to work for us but at some point might need other tools up the food chain. The other tools have more integrations but bring baggage as well :wink:

yea, jira brought a lot of baggage over trello, but hey, laws of physics, right?

@franz, don’t forget about the whiteboards and post-it notes!

Those are the, best. Grease board is my most favorite tool. But ppl feel if is not digital, it is for chumps.

I have childhood memories of chalk boards and having to dust the erasers every afternoon…times are changing fast! (for the record, I was in grade school in the 90s)

What about this?

Maybe I’m dating myself here, but I have memories of running ‘mimeograph machines’ when I was in junior high school. For those youngsters here, that pre-dated the copy machine. Lots of ink on the hands and refilling while rotating a drum to make copies of an original.

@SteinyD Yup, me too :wink:

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Hopefully you all are using Salesforce for sales and support :wink:

I wanted to use carrier pigeons for support but quickly learned putting notes in the pigeon’s backpack wasn’t as easy as the photos made it look.

i guess it is better than using pigeons for this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Pigeon

@plainsane, ha, pigeon-guided missile…well played. You win :smile:

Oh the smell of the mimeograph !!!