2.0 Release Status

Want to keep the community informed on our status.

  • iOS approved today for release
  • Finishing testing of Android, hope to get a beta out if possible
  • Webapp finished
  • Internal plan is to do full 2.0 launch next Monday. With the holiday, etc. want the full team in to support the release



We are very excited

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How can you participate in the tests on the beta version of the Android apps

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@plainsane somehow we need to get that into the app as an easter egg.

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yea, any time you manually run a zone by double tapping…hehehehe

What happens if you have both iOS and Android devices? If I set up the controller using the iOS device will opening up the interface on the Android mess it up?

no, but on the android device you might get an info message saying “there are not schedules created for the device would you like to create one”, if you have moved all your schedule over to felxies, which are pretty much the tits so i totally recommend you move over to them.
me after using flexies for a week: