2.0 Preview - Webapp Love

Let’s give the new and amazing Webapp some love.


Whoa whoa whoa… it’s not even Friday!

Oh… and it looks great! :smile:

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I know, right?! I had to double check my calendar :wink:

What’s your favorite part of the new webapp?

The calendar and the history both look really nice, and alot more intuitive than what’s in the current webapp. And that empty integrations section is tantalizing…

haha, @Dan (our web developer) is such a tease!

…maybe he’ll show more next Monday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@mjdport Sorry, not trying be mysterious. We currently integrate with Nest, so we are just porting that over from v1. No new integrations at this time :wink:

Here are our other ‘looser’ integrations:


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holy sh@t! gyuys, that looks really useful. that is a lot of telemetry presented in a single screen.

well, now you have an excellent starting point for the tablet app.

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