2.0 iOS Testing Complete

Thanks so much to our beta testers, iOS is looking great!

Just polishing up a few things and we’ll submit to the app store very soon.

Hope to have an Android beta build sometime next week for everyone.



Uhm, Build 18 is buggy as hell for me. I was just going to submit a report.

For example: The app crashes if you try to open the remote while a watering schedule is running and it’s in soak mode. Also, even though zones where scheduled to run today, none of them actually did run…

Please submit your feedback to this form and we will look into it, thanks.




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Quick question: With flex schedules, is it recommended to create a schedule for all zones or individual schedules for each zone? I ask because I remember reading that prior to 2.0 it was recommended to create individual schedules for each zone.

I haven’t had any crashes with build 11 or 18, but I also had zones scheduled to run today that did not. I suspect in my case it was because there was a forecast of rain exceeding the threshold. There’s no way to tell in the app or history right now, though. Submitted a report earlier.

@msdowdie Thanks, please use this form to report testing data/defects, etc.

We are investigating, researching from this form.



@dowjames We are creating a lot of documentation around flex, so these topics will be covered.

It doesn’t really matter, but I would not use any mixed crop type zones in flex schedules.

More tips/tricks to come later.


I submitted the form earlier today so it can be tracked and checked out. Thanks

Fantastic thanks!


Well, I guess the reason it didn’t run the scheduled watering last night was because it’s raining now… Impressive.

Submitting to Apple app store Monday morning, w00t w00t.


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Good luck! When will the web portal 2.0 go live?

@ghctim It will launch as soon as the app is approved by Apple.

Unfortunately we can’t release it earlier since a hybrid 2.0 Webapp, 1.x mobile would be difficult to support :wink:

We are adding some sizzle to the Webapp so you can see each zone’s real time checkbook with debits and credits.

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man, any reason this will not make it to the ios app?

@plainsane We definitely want to get this into mobile, but will take some time. Ultimate goal, absolutely.


maybe when you bless us with a tablet version? ooohhhh yyyyeeeeaaaa, that sounds good as hell to say, just say it franz, it feels so right!

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How do I sign up to beta test?

Sorry, app waiting for review with Apple, hoping to be approved within 8-10 days.