2.0 bug and user interface issues

Just upgraded to 2.0 yesterday. Noticed a few things:

  1. Ran the software yesterday on my iPhone 6, then used other apps, and switched back to Rachio today. The Local Weather updated automatically, but the calendar stuff on the home page (especially Watering Schedule) still showed today as July 8 until I did the Pull to Refresh thing. That’s a bug, in my view.

  2. Under My Yard on the home screen, the Watered and Will Water labels are suffering from Young Designer Syndrome. C’mon, guys, really minuscule type that (for Watered) is gray? I found it difficult to read those labels even with my reading glasses on. Not everyone is in their 20’s with excellent eyesight. You have the room in those boxes to make the labels more readable. There are many other areas in the app that also use way-too-small type, in my opinion. For example, the informational text under the calendar in the Watering Schedule screen. Why is the text in the Share Access screen so needlessly tiny?

  3. Turned on a Flex schedule to experiment, then deleted it when it suggested it would be watering for 10 hours several times per week. Especially in the current California drought, such a schedule would no doubt cause the City’s water manager to show up at my door with weapons. I don’t understand this new feature at all.

  4. It took me a fair amount of research time to discover the MADIS designation for my preferred PWS closest to me (the software switched itself to a different, farther away, PWS upon upgrade, and the local NWS station is often 10-15 degrees F off my home’s temperatures). Prior to that, I’d been using the more common Weather Underground designation. Isn’t that something you folks can automate? There must be a way to look up one designation type from the other, and allow customers to put in either and have things just work. I also note the MADIS designation is AR834, but it shows in Rachio as MID_ AR834, which strikes me as another way to confuse inexperienced customers like me.

I hope these reports are useful. Overall, I think 2.0 is a big improvement, but I also think it has some rough edges.

Love it! Haha, great description.

Will pass these along to our UX team for review, thanks for this!

[support@rachio.com] can help here. Seems like you have an emitter, or bubbler setup. These in/hr rates vary quite a bit, need to make sure you have the correct nozzle chosen, or you can create one that matches more appropriately what you have installed.

That’s a good point, I was thinking of removing the PWS_ and MID_ designations since like you stated they just add confusion. Will need to coordinate with mobile, so this could take some time.