16 Station Arrived Yesterday

Shipped on 6/26, arrive 6/27. Pretty quick I’d say, live in Littleton, Co to be precise.
Installed 6/28, only issue was some real hard concrete basement walls to drill for anchors. That was a beast.
Connecting Iro wires, 5 minutes (half of that debating whether needed jump ground to 2nd bank, decided no).
Snap on controller, say 4 minutes on iPhone and to “blink up”. Done
Run test on station 9, to verify 2nd ground, all worked.
Run all stations through 3 minute test run.
All works well.

A couple of observations, the controller doesn’t recognize when a station is not wired, so it will program all 16 zones. Bug to be worked out.

Overall very impressed first effort.

Same days for ship/receive/install and same state (they shipped from Loveland, CO). In the settings for each zone (or in zone “set up” wizard) you can deactivate the ones that are not wired.

Finally took off from work, installed in about an 1 hour and tested all 13 stations, works grate. Now I am ready for my iPhone 5 internet log on so I can control it from any where.