11/9 Rachio weather intelligence email

Anyone else receive an email from support@rachio.com today regarding weather intelligence plus? Notice the To field has a large number of personal emails in it? I’d suggest Rachio can communicate with customers in a way that doesn’t expose that information. Please confirm if this was an oversight and let us know. Thanks.

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Yes!!! I saw that too. This should NOT happen!!! Hope it doesn’t happen again!

I had the same question.

I received an apology from the CEO of Rachio via an email today. Someone screwed up bigly.

Yikes. :grimacing:

What was the subject of the e-mail? Curious minds- at least those that did not receive such an e-mail- want to know…

It does sound like a screw up. Glad Rachio owned up to it and apologized. I’ve always measured a company’s reputation by how they handle their mistakes, which are bound to happen…

The subject line was- Your upgrade to Weather Intelligence Plus

Has anyone received the upgrade yet?