10 zones, multiple rachios?

Hi Rachio,

I currently have a 8-zone rachio hooked up to my sprinkler system. I am thinking about adding 2 zones. I actually have a second 8-zone rachio I can use. How would you recommend I do this? Or would you recommend just switching to a 16-zone? (although I’d prefer not buy a 3rd system)

switching to the 16 zone version would be more simple but you can easily just add your additional 8 zone to your account through the App by clicking Add Device from the App main menu.

@forza1976 Sound advice :smile: @thepro8 I’d just use the 16. Managing two devices seems overkill for two additional zones.

@franz, I was thinking spending another $299 was overkill for 2 more zones :smile: might have to go with 2 devices.

@thepro8 I guess that’s the problem with adding more zones :wink:

Let us know if you have any questions for managing multiple devices, it’s fairly straight forward. Maybe you can control a bunch of outdoor lighting… :smile:

Don’t tempt me. just got lights installed in my deck :smile: Should check your power specs vs their’s.

@thepro8 I can think of some really cool IFTTT recipes. :bulb:

The IRO will power 24volt landscape lights?

I thing they are only designed for neon lights but it’s part of the 2.0 release. Have to wait.

@forza1976 I think we have had some customers do this exact thing, @emil thoughts?

@forza1976, sorry, I missed seeing this thread last week. But yes, we’ve had people use the Iro to control low voltage landscape lighting…even garage doors!

Hope this helps :blush:

You would have to use a 24VAC relay to control landscape lighting as the transformer would most likely not have enough current to drive the lighting. Thinking of using a relay to control 120VAC outdoor lighting myself…Would be simple enough to do.