1 zone working, other 10 zones are not

Hello. I installed my Rachio 3 and was excited to get it working, but cannot seem to get any zones working other than zone 1. I replaced a new Hunter Pro C, took wiring pics, tested the Hunter system, but just can’t get stations 2 through 11 working. Any experience with this or ideas?

I’m not a pro.

Thank you.


@EncinitasGary - can the before and after wiring photos be posted?

Sounds like the common wire may not be connected correctly. This behavior would exist if the common wire was put into a zone wire by accident. In this configuration only the zone that had it’s wire in the common terminal would run when the zone activated had the common wire in it’s terminal.

Do you have access to an volt/ohm meter?

Appreciate the response. I am not an expert in any way, but the common wire has 4 potential spots in the Rachio 3… I tried them all and the same thing occurs. I don’t have access to a volt/ ohm reader unfortunately.

I have reached out to a professional to see if he/ she can assist. This is way above my skillset.

If you can post the wiring pics that you took we can probably help you get the system running. It sounds like the matter of getting one wire sorted out.

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Try switching the zone 1 and common wires and see what happens.


I had that exact same issue a while ago when I installed mine and switching the common with the working zone fixed it. I would give this a try.

Turns out I have a bad unit. Has a professional come out who installs these. He spoke with support and through process of elimination, it turned out to be the controller. Thank you all for your suggestions.


Well it does happen. You were the unlucky one with a bad unit. Glad it got figured out.