1 zone triggered by multiple wires

Hi all!

I recently installed the Rachio gen 3 at my house and I am running into a weird issue. I have 6 zones all of which worked prior to switching but now 2 of the zones trigger the same sprinkler heads.

I used the images below to ensure that each wire went to the same zone as before but now zone 6 and zone 1 trigger the same zone and I cannot get the zone that 6 used to trigger to turn on at all. My first thought is that it is wired wrong going to the valve as nothing changed on the box but I thought I would ask Incase anyone else had this happen.

Any help would be appreciated!

Just to confirm, prior controller had 6 active zones? I know that sounds like a stupid question, but zones get abandoned all the time…

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Yes there were 6 active different zones and now only 5 of them run. Zone 6 is the culprit, it used to run the sprinklers on the side of my house but when I run zone 6 now it runs zone 1. I plugged all of the original zones 1-6 into the same number on the new system so everything should line up but for some reason it triggers zone one. I even tried moving the wire to zone 7 to see if it was just the unit but it still ran zone 1.

Hi Mickey,

Just to clarify, zone 6 no longer functions as it used to.
Sprinklers in zone 6 do not run at all, and both red and purple wires run sprinklers in zone 1.

Can you please take a photo inside the valve box? especially of interest are the solenoid connections to your red and purple wires.


I found the problem thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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