1 Precipitation Event Recorded for 2 Consecutive Days on Moisture Levels Chart


We received 1.54" of precip on 4/18, but none on 4/19. However, the system carried over the rain from the 18th into the 19th as well essentially recording 3". I’m guessing it is because the PWS I’m linked to carries over the accumulated precip into the next day which causes the issue. Any thoughts on how I can avoid this in the future and/or adjust the incorrect rain amount for the following day?

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Sugar Land, TX


Hi @LawnNerd!

First of all, love the name. As for the weather station issue, I don’t think it should carry over to the following day from your PWS. It also looks like it may have just been an issue with your display, because looking at the current moisture balance for April 19th I don’t think the precipitation was factored into that. I can dig into your logs and see if the precip was recorded both days or if it was just displayed incorrectly. Can you tell me where you got the weather graphs that you included?

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If you can give us URLs showing the actual recorded data from the station, we can send those to our weather provider to determine why we are receiving the same precipitation on both days.

I might also try changing to PWS_9100369.

It is the same distance, and might not have these data issues.

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Thank you both for your response. The link/PWS I’m tied to currently is: KTXSUGAR64


I was initially tied to the PWS_9100369 station you suggest. However, after comparing the multiple PWS’s is my immediate area, it seemed to be an outlier in its reported precipitation - much lower rain reported than the consensus of the other stations. I’d prefer to stick with my current KTXSUGAR64 if at all possible.

Sugar Land, TX


Thanks @LawnNerd, I’ve opened a support ticket with our weather providing regarding this discrepancy and will report back their findings.



Thank you for your prompt reply. This is by no means urgent. I’m enjoying my Rachio and I’m very impressed with the product and the excellent support.

Thank you!




Looks like our weather provider found the issue and will have fixed soon.


I wanted to provide an update. We have been investigating, and can confirm the issue you found. We have also found this same station reporting on MesoWest:

You will notice that the 24 hour precip reported .11 for approx 9 hours the 20th, then it slowly ramped down. This means this station is reporting a rolling 24 hour precipitation value.

The team is currently creating some additional tests with this stations data, so that a correction can be applied, and ensure any future updates do not affect how these stations are processed.

The team will continue working on this today, but it may be tomorrow before a hotfix is finally applied to production.

I will continue to provide updates today and tomorrow as this is resolved.



Good news!


The team has completed an improved handling of this type of station. The team ran a manual update for this specific station and will running an update against all stations with the latest precipitation code this afternoon. This will ensure that all current and past data is corrected.

Let me know if you continue to have issues with this station.



At the risk of piling on, I have the same problem and it hasn’t gone away.

Site is MID_F0303, also as KNJPRINC45 on Wunderground.

As you’ll see below, the rain from April 11 and 18 was also reported on April 12 and 19. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.




Let’s see if it happens again due to a fix not being released until a couple days ago. If you see this behavior again let me know and I’ll re-open the support ticket with our weather provider.