1 flow meter 3 controllers

Would like to have 1 flow meter using 3 16 zone controllers. I have 48 zones in my system.


According to the current limits, one can only assign 2 meters per 1 controller. It would be necessary to install 3 WFS to have 1 per controller.

Check this link for the exact explanation.

I hope this helps you.

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See my proposed layout.
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We can’t see your photo here. Please try to attach it so we can help with your inquiry. :blush:

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Your set up looks good and sound.

In answer to your question about winterizing, you can purchase a blanket that can wrap around them in the colder months. This would help if you are not draining the lines. I would recommend a full system draining to prevent the pipes from bursting at any rate.

Some people install a blow out area so that you can run compressed air on a valve by valve basis. This will help to get 99% of the water out of the lines.