1.8 Release!

Here are highlights of the new features coming in 1.8. Development and testing should be done this week, hopeful for app submittal early next week.


This will be our last 1.x release, we are actively starting to work on a whole new 2.x series and a re-design of the mobile app.

Release of http://electricimp.com/docs/resources/releases/release30/ which addresses a number of reliability and compatibility issues, in particularly around WiFi which also benefits from being brought right up to date with with the latest Broadcom firmware. These changes will be released Saturday November 8th.
Water hammer minimization. We now have a setting on the device that will open the ‘next’ zone to run in a watering schedule 10 seconds before the current running zone ends. This will help with the pressure surge that is caused when abruptly shutting down one zone, and then having the other zone turn on a few seconds after. A smooth transition will now occur stopping the knocking noise in your pipes and helping the overall system.
Watering interval picker now allows for days 1-21.
Reporting charts now show manual zone data as well as scheduled zone data
Virtual Iro!
Zone area square feet input. This in conjunction with nozzle inches per hour allows for very accurate gallon usage. Advanced zone settings, edit zone size.
Advanced zone settings: available water, root zone depth, management allowed depletion, and efficiency.
Share water savings reports with friends!