1.8 Android is in Play store

Feedback, questions appreciated!

This is the last of 1.x. We are actively working on a 2.x version for next year. Rewrite of the mobile apps, stay tuned! Will be looking for beta feedback as well :slight_smile:


When is version 2 to be released and what is on the road map? Thanks

@rwabel Version 2 will be coming out at the end of March. I will be providing screen shots in a couple of weeks. it is a full rewrite for both mobile apps and the webapp based on Google Material Design.

Other than the look and feel of the apps, the main features being released initially are flex schedules which will replace water budgeting. These will be an amazingly simple way to have your yard watering days automatically run only when water is needed. It is based on a concept termed management allowed depletion. More to come later explaining how everything fits together. Some other features include choosing your own PWS as a preference, and more transparency into the soil moisture balance of each zone. Many more features that are in the backlog and I will expose as we get closer. It’s been heads down development lately. When things lighten up I will post more on upcoming features, screenshots, etc.

We are also working on soil moisture integrations and some other top secret projects :smile:

Hope that helps!