1.7 WaterSense Release Notes


Excited for this release which will really help fine tune all of our ‘smart’ watering.


Will be posting new articles about how cycle & soak, weather intelligennce, and water budgeting are being overhauled.


Cool. Can’t wait to read about how the overhauling weather intelligence, water budgeting, and cycle/soak will work in v1.7. @franz‌


@franz‌ do you have any ETA you can share (may have missed it if shared in another post) on a 1.7 release ? Thanks


Water budget overhaul, being released with 1.7



@Wildcatz_1‌ Hoping to finish mobile development up by end of this week, early next week and submit to Apple store soon thereafter. Wish I could give an exact date but that ultimately always backfires :slight_smile: Will post on here when we have submitted the app. Lots 'o good stuff coming!


@franz‌ thanks so much !