1.5 Release Notes

All -

We have submitted the iOS mobile app to the Apple Store and will let everyone know when it has been accepted. We are still testing Android and will release as soon as our testing and validation is finished. This could be before the iOS app has been accepted.

Here is a link with all of the new features including screen shots.


As always, feedback and comments appreciated.


I’m quite impressed with the list of new features for just one update. Keep up the great work and keep delivering requested features and you’ll win this market for sure!

Thank you so much. This info is great. Way to go guys!

1.5 looks like a great update

It’s great to see the progress you’re making with the iOS app. I truly appreciate the close contact you have with your customers!

Just downloaded the new update on android but I can’t seem to find single click schedule run feature. Can you let me know the steps for it?

@Ranjeetv‌ From the main dashboard click on the ‘Play’ button and then select Schedule. This will show you a list of your schedules that you can automatically start. Also, you can click on the watering day of a schedule on the main dashboard and tap the schedule you want to run immediately. Then click ‘Run schedule now’.

Gotcha. Thanks


Just installed my Iro, App looks great so far. I’ve run into one bug so far with manual zone watering. When I select one zone, set the time to 1 min for water zones 2-8 default back to 10 min. Zone 1 is the only zone that correctly watered at 1 min. This was selecting zones one at a time for testing duration. Not multiple times with one click.

I’ll keep looking for anything else. Android app.


@smw006007‌ Thanks for the feedback, we have reproduced this issue and will put a patch out this morning. The app should automatically update itself. Thanks!

@smw006007‌ This has been fixed and the new app will be available in a couple of hours.

@franz‌ Thanks for the quick response!

Is there any information around how/what the rain sensitivity indicator does and how to set it?

@Ranjeetv‌ Here is a FAQ on weather intelligence (rain sensitivity)


In the mobile app go to one of your watering times and scroll to the bottom. There will you will see an adjustment for less of more sensitivity. I have attached a screenshot.


Franz - Appreciate the quick response as always.
So I live in Texas where we are only allowed to water once in 2 weeks with water restrictions in effect. With that being said what would be your recommendation for sensitivity to use for my watering schedule?

@Ranjeetv‌ It seems like you are already very restricted with watering in general. I might start with .5 inches and go from there. I would hate for you to miss a cycle and not have enough precipitation to adequately cover your yard. If the schedule is skipped and you still want it to water, the schedule skip email has a URL you can click on to run that schedule immediately. Or, in the mobile app you can run any schedule in an ad-hoc manner. Thanks!