1.5 iOS Mobile in Apple Store

Enjoy. As always feedback, issues appreciated.



I am still seeing 1.4 only.

@alexrodriguez‌ Different regions should get the app at different times. It should be fully accessible today.

Still on 1.4.

@alexrodriguez‌ Argh, following up with Apple, will post when have more information.

as of 3:00p EST, 1.4 is the version in the iOS app store (northeast US).

Same as of 3:12 EST.

Even at 3:48p EST. And yes, I have better things to do. :wink: And no, this is not Rachio’s fault. Good old Apple, controlling their releases and not quite the schedule app owners would like. The anticipation of the new features is killing me! :slight_smile:

@SteinyD‌ @alexrodriguez‌ Sorry guys, we are at the mercy of our Apple benefactors. Will let you know when it has officially been released. Usually it has only taken an hour or two.

Seeing the same here still only 1.4 :frowning:

@mateo_rachio‌ Matt I thought you paid off Apple to make the app approval process faster?

@Wildcatz_1‌ @SteinyD‌ @alexrodriguez‌ We have submitted a ticket with Apple to see what the hold up is, the app was approved yesterday so we do not know what is going on. Will let you know as soon as we have more information.

@franz - thanks for the update.

shows 1.5 but I don’t see any of the changes when I run the app, so I presume its really 1.4

It finally updated for me.

It finally showed up about an hour ago. You may need to reset your cache (Preferences->Advanced->Reset Cache) if using iTunes or power your phone off and on to get it to show up in the App Store app.

@matt‌ Phew, I guess sacrificing the Windows Palm helped get the release out.

Just installed 1.5 and we are brand new to the system as of last week. I love the new additions and the preferences for alerts. We have a water sensor attached to our Hunter system and I would love an alert that would let me know when it has been triggered to skip the upcoming watering schedule. I was able to see in my history that it was triggered last night but I would love to have an alert. Thanks for everything. Its a great product.

@jridgley‌ I like that feature, so a push notification when the physical rain sensor is enabled or disabled?

That would be perfect