0% soil moisture, but no watering scheduled

Hi, new member here, but Rachio user for several years. I’m using flex daily schedules to water several lawn and garden zones. I’ve dialed in my crop coefficients and allowed depletion to hopefully get the right amount of water this summer. Right now, I’m noticing some stressed looking grass (we’re just now starting to get some summer heat here in Maryland) and checked my zone water levels. Several zones are at 0%, ready for more water, but no watering is scheduled until Saturday, 2 days from now. Shouldn’t I have watering scheduled for tonight if zones are at 0%?

Can you PM me the email address you use for your Rachio account? I will have the engineering team review.


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Done! Thanks for taking a look.

I had the team do a quick review.

The reason it did not water is that there was forecasted precipitation that did not materialize, and the forecasted ET values were a bit lower than what was actually recorded.

It does look like it will water tomorrow. but there is also predicated precipitation :slight_smile:


Thank you. When you say it looks like it will water tomorrow, is there user-accessible information that tells you that? I am going off the calendar in the app and don’t see anything until 3am Saturday.

The screenshot above shows .51 inches of irrigation for tomorrow, and the graph shooting up to 92%.


Got it. Why the discrepancy between that field capacity ledger and the watering schedule shown in the app?

Should be the same, that’s just a screenshot from the web. The mobile clients use the same charts. They will get updated twice/day.


Thanks! I’ll keep an eye on the schedule and see when it updates.