Zones won’t turn off

We’ve been happy Rachio users for several years now but today are encountering a problem. The controller has been unplugged over the winter while the irrigation system was turned off and flushed out. Today we’ve turned the water back on and plugged the controller back in. Each zone turns on and seems to run fine but they never turn off. We have to unplug the controller to get the zones to stop.

This happens to all zones, and across several different instances of the app.


Oops, so sorry, the controller was plugged into the incorrect ac adapter!

This makes sense.

The incorrect ac adapter was, fortunately, less in voltage or less powerful at 24 VAC. It was powerful enough to turn on the zone’s solenoid to open up the watering circuit, because the solenoid had water pressure to assist opening. But when trying to turn off the solenoid, more power than was available was needed to fight the water pressure.

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Interesting scenario. Good knowledge for future issues like this.