Zones saying they will water tomorrow but will run tonight?

This has me very puzzled. The zones say that they will water on 16th, but on the main screen, it has them down for watering tonight. I’ve told it to Skip. Schedules are Flex Daily, and can run anytime

In my experience, sometimes the various screens are not properly updated or refreshed. I sometimes can force a refresh by closing and reopening the app. Other times, the app seems to update or refresh the display at midnight.

In my experience, everything updates at midnight. So since it was 00:29, the system should absolutely have known what it was doing and should have completely sorted itself out.

I’ve no idea as to whether it’s an isolated incident but any time I previously looked at the app during the late evening, zones would generally (I believe) have been at 0% and would therefore be scheduled to water that evening / early hours of the next morning

The issue is that if a zone already had 25% and the regular amount of water is added, it could easily happen that suddenly the zone will be showing as 110% the next morning.

Any thoughts @drew_thayer