Zones not watering

Here is my Hunter System with Irritrol Sensor before disassembly:

And here is how I wired it:

I get lights on the Irritrol sensor indicating power and signal, I get a blue light when I manually turn on a zone, but I get no water flow. What did I do wrong?



That red cable in the right side common looks off to me. Commons are usually white only.

@dkkruse, Ashley with our support team replied to the photos you sent support. Did her recommendation help? I believe this support article will help you with wiring the Hunter SRC to the Iro.

Hope this helps, keep us posted!

Best, Emil

She suggested I try switching the R2 wire with the left common wire. The power of the cover went off immediately when I put it back on. I removed the cover quickly and the power light came back on.

If you go to that support article, the picture that says “Don’t Do This” is really small and hard to see, but it looks exactly like what she told me to do.

I tried the system without the sensor connected at all and still had no luck with the watering.

Thanks for the quick replies.


Here is the guide I used:

The red wire in R1 seems off to me. Have you tried running it without the rain sensor connected?

Yes I did. Not running without the sensor either.

On your Hunter System, Is the thin brown wire going to “common”?

If you look at the top picture, it goes to “C” which I assume is common


After doing more research, it looks right. Are you sure the wires in R1 are in completely?

Unbelievable! It works now! It’s been right all along, All zones work except 1, 2, 4, which are the ones I was testing. I’ll have to get the irrigation guys to come out and check those zones. Zone 4 is making a weird gurgling sound.

Thanks everyone!

@dkkruse, just wanted to check in to see how the Iro was working for you? Were you able to finish troubleshooting zones 1, 2, and 4 yet? What type of sound is zone 4 making?

Best, Emil

Sorry about not closing this one out. I had some bad valves that needed to be cleaned or replaced. It was just really bad luck for me that Zones 1 & 2 didn’t work. Lesson learned: Try all zones before freaking out!

All is working well. FYI, my system is about 12 years old, so expect zone master valves to crap out.