Zones not showing the correct soil moisture


Franz my zones are showing zero moisture and they are not even close to the allow depletion on my mobile app and on the web app


A few things happening here. Your AWC is way too low, .05in which is because sand is your soil type.

Your depth of water is .15inches (how much we water) which is super shallow. For reference mine is .50inches. Even though your zones show 110% you are getting .18inches of ET tomorrow, which means you are zero right now (.18inches - .15in + 10%), and it should water today. I think you should have the community do an audit of your zone characteristics, IMHO I don’t think they are optimal for efficient watering.

So oddly enough it is showing correct soil moisture based on today’s ET prediction.



Ok cool my soil type is sandy loam which I research I just have to optimize everything and make some changes I just haven’t got the time but I think I’ll start with one zone first. When I change the soil from sand to sandy loam is said AWC 12 is that sounds right ??


Ya definitely start with one zone, get it dialed in, then apply to the rest. .12 is closer, mine is .16 for reference. (clay loam - silty clay).



One more question franz should I change that AWC on the rest of the zones while I get the first one dialed in also I have them on a fixed schedule and flexible daily so what I’ll do is am going to disable the first zone from the fixed schedule and should I leave the rest on the fixed schedule and flexible daily for now


I’d change it on all zones since climate skip takes soil type into account, as does cycle/soak.



Thank you brotha. you guys at Rachio are awesome I when and change the AWC on all zones franz the first zone the I started on the flexible daily I change the soil type and AWC. Since I have flexible daily set to finish before sunrise shouldn’t the one zone finish before sunrise??


I’m still seeing 4 zones in that schedule?



Ok franz so if I disable zones 2-3-4 from flexible daily schedule just leave the first zone that zone will finish before sunrise?? And then I just can leave zones 2-3-4 in the fixed schedule until I dialedthe first zone in and then I’ll apply it to the rest


That will be perfect.



Thanks franz you are the man brotha I’ll share some pictures once I get everything dialed in :grinning: