Zones not being watered

I have 9 Zones, all enabled and in use on my only Schedule which is a Flex Daily Schedule on my city allowed water days. I have manually set the maximum water duration and time for each zone. Cycle and Soak is on. When looking at the History, 3 of the zones are not being watered. 2 of those are flower bds and the other one is grass like the other 6. The system seems to turn Zones on and off randomly, but never gets to these 3 zones. I can turn these zones on with a Quick Run and they work fine. What is going on and how do I fix this? Thanks.

Flex daily only waters when zones are moisture depleted. Also, the longer the roots the deeper, infrequent waterings you will get. Shrubs are set to a 15in. root zone depth, meaning it will water down to 15in., then won’t water until depleted. My recommendation is to start flex daily with one or two zones, get them dialed in, then apply to the others if it works for you. Other options are flex monthly which is predictable and only adjusts once per month (versus dynamic).

Looks like your flowers watered today but won’t water for quite some time after due to the root zone depth.

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More information on flex daily.

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Flowers are usually annuals which have around 6” to 8” root depth. That’d allow more frequent watering, which is probably a good idea in this case. I’m assuming based on Franz’s post that they are currently set to a typical shrub root depth at 15”.


I manually watered the flower beds today with a Quick Run.
How does Rachio know the moisture is depleted? I don’t have any sensors. I will manually program a new schedule and run it that way until I figure all this out. Thanks.

This article helps explain the concepts behind flex daily scheduling. We are able to track evapotranspiration (evaporation from the soil and other surfaces and by transpiration from plants.) each day from your yard. It’s a little work getting it set up but is very efficient in the long run.

Just let us know if you have any other questions.