Zones in Schedule

When I edit a schedule in iOS I don’t see what zones are listed in the schedule. Isn’t knowing what zones are in a schedule the most important part of the schedule? If so, why not list the zones? I see ZONE DURATIONS, Total Watering Time. I see “3 zones”. Only when I click this section do I see what zones are in this schedule.

I see other issues where TOO MUCH information is displayed in your app and now with this I see NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION at a glance. If I edit a schedule OF COURSE I want to see the zones! Or am I an anomaly?

If you tap on the ZONE DURATIONS area it will open up to show all of your zones. Hope this helps.


Thanks but if you read my comment more closely I already know that. The zones are the most important part of a schedule. Why are you making me clicking another time to get this information? This is another UX issue that makes it harder for people.

@radamio Ok got it, will forward to UX team. Believe the decision was made for scrolling issues.