Zones functioned manually yesterday, suddenly stopped

After manually cycling 4 of my 6 zones for 28mins each yesterday without error following application of fertilizer, now I am dealing with problems.

Controller is active, blue light blinking on zone activation but zone fails to turn on. Is this simply my system reaching a saturation limit per zone? I was able to activate one zone that I did not activate the day prior so I’m assuming Rachio just doesn’t spell this limit out for you. Seems odd that I’m not given an error message when trying to manually run a zone again.

IF that’s not the case, seems odd after I updated my system to the new firmware, that I’m dealing with these problems.

@gml - manual by using the buttons on the interface or the application? Which hardware do you have Gen 1 or Gen 2 (I’m thinking this is what is installed - just want to be sure)? The application version that is being used in the new V3.1 version on iOS or Android?

Manual via the iOS application. I’ve also tried manual operation at the unit itself. No intermediate missteps – connection strong, lights blinking when in use on the unit, etc.

Gen 2.

New V3.1 on iOS.

It’s just so odd that it would operate fine then refuse to turn on after I ran those two cycles the previous day. I’ve also tried to restart the unit for >15secs, unplug the wiring, etc. I’m tempted to remove the device from the application and start from zero.

Check the voltage output at the controller for the zone in question.

Do you know the physical location of the valve you activated the previous day? If so, find it and activate it manually from the valve’s manual bleed screw. If it activates, It’s probably a loose wire or splice. If it doesn’t activate, it’s probably a hydraulic issue. In this case, it could be a diaphragm.

If it’s a hydraulic issue, Rachio does not know this by the controller. If it’s electrical, Rachio can detect a fault, but not an open wire.

Most likely a coincidence, though. I’ve been on site doing system checks many times and have had valves fail while I’m testing the system. They’ve failed electrically and due to diaphragm issues.

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Thanks, I’ll look into what you mentioned.

What I don’t understand though is that, 4 different zones that worked the day before, are now all failing to turn on. That seems unlikely to be a loose wire, splice or hydraulic issue. Unless, all 4 valves failed in one day.

I am going to also swap my rainbird controller back to see if it runs everything smooth.


If the common wire run connects to those four solenoids consecutively, and the first common splice is loose, all four valves would stop working at the same time.

I am having the same issue. 1st gen, unit has run perfectly for 3 years. Only thing changed I have changed is updating the iOS app a couple days ago.

I had an irrigation specialist come out and figure out that it was actually a common wire problem near some roots in a large tree. Regardless, 4 ft of line replaced and everything correctly working again.

Thanks all!

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