Zones: Dates last run incorrect

Recently I’ve noticed that when I go to the Yard tab, or on desktop it’s the Zones tab, the date last run is often incorrect. For instance, my zones 3 and 5 watered this morning 5/13 but it’s indicating that they last watered 5/11. They’re also both scheduled to water again tomorrow. Has anyone else had this issue?

I had the engineering team review and this was the feedback.

  1. It looks like your controller fell offline today and in that instance we don’t record the last run date for a zone, just the sum of the irrigation.

  1. It looks like only Zone 6 is watering tomorrow on your flex daily schedule. Flex daily runs zones individually only when they need to be run. The calendar might be a little confusing. If you drill into it will only show Zone 6 running tomorrow.

Hope this helps!