Zone wont stop watering

Today the area near my parents house ( different account than the one Im posting under, can PM their account ) had a power outage. Power came back a couple of hours ago.

All of a sudden one particular zone in the yard started watering. We noticed it later ( so not sure how long it had been running). Rachio wasnt seeing the zone as running, tried to start and stop some zone manually and then stop did nothing, I cut the power to rachio and still that did nothing. Eventually had to cut the water and power to the sprinkler to get it stopped.

Any ideas what happened ?

Sounds like you have a bad diaphragm in the valve. Couldn’t tell you why it coincidentally flared up with the outage, but since Rachio was unable to change status of the valve, might be dirt in the line, or stuck diaphragm.

is that an easy fix ?

while the zone was running, rachio doesnt even show that its running. In the app everything is turned off

The solenoid could have gotten stuck in the on position as well with a power surge or something related to the outage. You can try turning the water back on to the system and if the valve is still running try tapping on the solenoid.

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Had to replace the solenoid, once that was done I was able to run it via rachio and check everything out manually. Will report tomorrow once it runs a proper schedule