Zone won’t run but power to solenoid

I checked power to solenoid which is good. When run zone, I hear a click but no water out of sprinklers. Bad solenoid? All other zones run fine. No error message on app. Please advise.

If you turn the solenoid body, it should turn on the valve, regardless of the drive signal. Does yours do that? Most likely there is a clog somewhere, unless this is a new install and there is a master valve or something similar.


Thanks. I’ll try that. The rains finally came so no need for sprinkling until they let up and I can try your suggestion. Appreciated!

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I manually turned valve but it started leaking around the bottom of the valve as soon as I turned it on. This did cause the sprinklers to operate but now that I turned it completely off, the lowest head now leaks slightly. Turned off water. Bad diaphram?

@Ckcarrico - could be a) debris, b) diaphragm or c) solenoid.

If a replacement valve is purchased, the suggestion on the board has been to just replace all the internal parts leaving the shell in place so one doesn’t have to cut out the old valve.

It could be that a disassembly with the water off and cleaning out any debris might solve it. But if one is going to that much trouble, why not just replace the guts as it will be all apart anyway and the part may not be that expensive.