Zone will not turn off?

Rachio user for the past 8 years here,
I live in Quebec, Canada.
I have just restarted my irrigation system this spring. I am using a Rachio Gen1.
I only have two zones.
The problem:
The zones will not turn off:

Lets say I run zone 1 for 15 min. When the 15 min is over, the zone will not stop. Then if I run zone 2 for 15 min, zone 2 starts, while zone I is still running. Both zones run together, and both zones never stop…

The only way to get any started zone to stop is by unplugging the rachio completely. The zone(s) stop right away.

I have an older controller, and it works just fine: I run a zone for 15 minutes, and it stops as it should after that.

I am clueless. My conclusion is that my Rachio does not stop sending a voltage signal to any zone it has started. But why? for the time being, I am using my older, non smart irrigarion controller, and everything is working fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


What you describe sounds like a DC power supply is being used with Rachio. Has your original power supply broke down and you replaced it?


Wow that was fast! indeed I had to replace my defective power supply and the one I am currently using a a 24V DC 1.0A power supply! I will order a 24V AC 1.0A one right away…

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