Zone Watering Discrepancy

I have two zones in a Flex Daily schedule. The zones have the exact same settings. Up until today, the two zones have always watered on the same day.

However, today only one of the two zones watered. The other zone says it will water tomorrow. If they have the same settings, shouldn’t they water on the same day?

In theory they should. Are you 100% that there is NOTHING different between the two?

Whether it be a rounding error or what, my front yard zones (also identical settings) will get off from each other by a percentage point or two after a while. I suppose after enough time they might get out of sync enough to water different days.


Could you help with this issue of two zones with identical settings getting out of sync and watering on different days?

For months the two zones watered on the same day on a Flex Daily schedule. Now all of a sudden they are watering on different days.

It makes it more difficult to schedule mowing my yard with the zones watering on different days. The two zones in question are for a single area of grass.

If these two zones are on a schedule with other zones, i would think they could get out of sync with each other since the system is trying to juggle all the zones watering, soaking, time constraints, etc.

Suggestion: If you have a certain day you like to mow, just block it off in the “Interval” setting in the Schedule and the system will work around your moving even if the zones end up watering of different days. If you don’t want these two zones to affect the rest of the yard, and this is the only area you are mowing, maybe put these two on a schedule by themselves.

The two zones are on one schedule with no other zones.

Seems they would water on the same days. But, if there are other schedules on your controller, I guess the system is trying to juggle all zones on all schedules and it makes sense for it to have to split these up to satisfy other requirements from other zones/schedules.

As I say, to solve your moving day issue, just block those days out for that schedule so your extra requirement will be taken into consideration when Rachio works it’s scheduling magic.

I understand about blocking out a day for no watering.

My yard does better when I mow it twice a week, so I would have to block out two days. We are told that Flex Daily works best with minimal no water days.

And I don’t want the grass to be wet on two days, when it only needs to be wet on one day.

In addition, proper precipitation coverage depends, at least in part, on the correct overlap of the two zones.

You can usually “sync” two zones like this by over- or under-watering, then Fill or Empty both. Maybe if one zone is due to water tomorrow, and the other one the day after, skip the one for tomorrow, then mark both as Empty to force watering the same day. No guarantee it will stay that way forever, but they watered together for months so…

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Yes, that is what I did earlier today. I marked both of the zones as “Fill.” Hopefully they will stay in sync from now on.

I’m still wondering how they got out of sync in the first place and concerned it might happen again.