Zone Watering but App Doesn't Show It

When a zone is watering, neither my IOS apps nor the web app shows that it is watering. And therefore, I also can’t stop or pause the zone. When I have a schedule running, I can’t see that it’s watering, but when I do a Quick Run I can.

Still on my Gen 1 controller - haven’t yet installed the new Gen 3 one.

Here’s snapshots from yesterday for my Zone 9. Yes, all apps restarted. And I walked outside and checked and the zone was watering.

History knows it’s watering:

None of the other screens do:

Sounds like a similar problem I was having a while ago with my Gen 2 – haven’t seen it since my Iro was forced by @franz to update to the latest firmware.

Hey @Linn,

I’m reviewing your report with our Engineering team. I can confirm that your Gen 1 controller is on the latest firmware, but seems to have a pretty weak Wi-Fi connection. Have you attempted a pull-to-refresh on the app dashboard during a scheduled watering?

Just so you’re aware, the Zone Pause functionality is not supported by Gen 1s, so you would still only be limited to stopping a run.


I also have the same problem couple of weeks ago I thought it might be a bug or something within the iOS app or web app but I haven’t seen it again.

So yesterday I moved my router closer to the Rachio (I had moved it to the center of my house about a year ago). Hopefully that will help the Wi-Fi signal.

And today, the app is showing the zone watering just fine. (checked it a couple of times).

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