Zone watered with rain forecasted


I live in NorCal, I have the first gen rachio and use a flex schedule for all my zones. Today I had a zone water in the morning even though there is a major rain storm scheduled to begin this evening (it is starting to rain as I type this). My question is, why did this happen? Is it due to recent app updates and that I’m using a first gen rachio? Any benefit to something like this if I were to upgrade to gen 3 controller?



I had the engineering team review your flex daily schedule for a zone and it actually looks great and how flex daily was intended. The zone was irrigated on 4/3 and due to observed and forecasted precipitation won’t water again until 4/13! If there is forecasted precipitation it also has to be enough in the forecast to make sure the zone moisture level is not hitting zero when you look at the evapotranspiration for the day. Below are a couple screenshots showing the moisture graph.



But why did my ‘big’ zone water on 4/5, which is a day it began raining?



Looking at your moisture chart for that day, the observed precipitation was only .06 inches and the day before you only had 3% moisture in your zone reservoir (bucket). Without looking into our data too much (we audit all of these decisions) my informed guess is that the forecast was nominal and it had your zone going below the 0% mark. We have to make decisions based on precipitation forecasts and this is why you are at 103% moisture level for that day. If we absolutely knew it was going to rain .06 inches, or forecasted .06 inches, yes we would have waited another day determining your zone had enough moisture. Hope this explanation helps.


Thanks for the info. I assume rachio won’t rain delay for future forecasts? It began raining Thursday evening and is raining through Saturday with a predicted amount of 3-5 inches. Just curious as I believe in the past app versions I would get rain skips with predicted forecasts a day or two out? Or if the latest app update has changed this?


With flex daily schedules we will defer watering if the forecast for today’s precipitation keeps the zone moisture level above 0%.

Rain “skips” and notifications are only used for fixed and flex monthly schedules. Flex daily works a lot differently, incorporating real time weather to decide “when” to water.

The latest V3 app did not change the underlying way that fixed, flex daily, or flex monthly schedule types work.