Zone Type

In the past, I was directed to goolge the depth of the roots of the plant to decide what is the right zone type

I find it strange since the selection of Zone type is based on “cold or warm grass” or “shrubs”…

14 month later, I am about to re-create the zones now that the plants are established, and I find it as puzzling. Maybe I am missing the right approach, but this is what I am looking for and not clear why it is not the easiest solution for Rachio given it is a smart, cloud-based and community supported platform:

Step 1: can we have a community or website are where you simply map each plant type to a zone type? i.e, if I have Lavendar, or blue fescue, why can’t I just come to this community or the website and search for that, and get what is it? a shrub? a cold season? a perennial? it makes sense to have these classifications if I don’t know what the plant is, but if I know, why cann’t I just get a mapping?

step 2: if you can have a mapping, why not let me in the app just say what the palnt is and you deal with it? yes, a zone may have mixed plans, so let me enter the mx (more than one) and… again, you deal with it.

and BTW, what is blue fescue? (,2,6)