Zone times

My back yard had 3 different zones, it seems to be flooding out using the recommendations in zone times. I know I have all the zones set correctly, as far as rotor type and all that. Has anyone else had this problem. Front yard zones seem to run a lot longer than I used to run them, but the lawn looks good.

What do you have set as soil type? did you set the size of the zone in advanced settings?

the size of the zone will not matter. im willing to be the pink slip on my truck that based on your head to head coverage, your percip rate is too low.

i have excellent head to head coverage and 3gpm heads, but i need a 1.5 inch percip rate.

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[] can help review your schedule if you still have any questions regarding run times.


Iā€™m in Colorado so I have my soil set as clay. I did go into advanced settings and set the square footage of each zone