Zone staying on

Just fired up the controller for the spring and when manually running through zones they wouldn’t shut off. Zone one when manually stopped would say running even when zone 2 was started manually. The only way to shut them down was to unplug the controller. Same thing happens when running manually on the controller. Ultimately the more zones tried, the more zones on at the same time.

I did have to replace the power supply this winter as it fell out of the outlet and wouldn’t provide D.C. Replaced with a 24v 1 amp adaptor. Controller lights up fine. Gen 2.



Can you send before/after wiring pictures to ? They will be able to diagnose and resolve your issue.


No wiring changes made other than swapping out the power adaptor. Rachio controler worked as expected last fall without issue. First time out this spring, with new power adaptor and the above happens.

@trumpetr, just curious, where did obtain your replacement power adaptor? Looks like it’s outputting DC power. The Rachio controller requires an AC/AC power adaptor. As such, it’s expected behavior for the lights to turn on and the zones to not turn off once activated as 24VAC solenoids need an AC signal to turn off.

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That makes 100% sense! Thanks for the help. Ac to Ac power supply ordereed. I sourced the DC Supply ouside of rachio, just didn’t note that it was AC/ac for the replacement.



@trumpetr Let us know if you continue to run into issues after receiving your new power adaptor! Congrats on the new controller :smile:

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