Zone set for 30min runs for 60min

I had some new sod put in the front yard. I set up a new schedule so that the particular zone where the sod is now gets watered every day.

I set this zone for 30min on the days when my standard schedule is not running. It ran for the first time this morning but instead of running for just 30min it ran for 60min.

Any thoughts?

Set up a 2nd watering schedule, just for this zone. When I put in a new lawn, I had an AM and a PM watering schedule for the whole lawn.

My guess is that cycle soak ran for 15 minutes, soaked for 30, then ran for another 15?

If that was the case you can disable cycle soak in the schedule settings.


The cycle soak thing is exactly what happened. After reading your article and re-reading the activity log I realized it had watered for 15min, allowed soak for 30min, then watered for 15min more. I’m totally ok with that. I just thought it had been watering for the whole 60min.

Thanks for the info!