Zone one runs with all zones New Install

Hello, just installed series/Gen 3 and when I water zone one runs with all zones If I only run zone one no issue. Had no issue coming out of a Hunter Pro C white common then Yellow wire to P/MV the the rest zones. (5) follwoed picture. I do not have a Master Value. Master control was set to on on app. Tried switching to No though left Yellow in Master Also tried removing Yellow from M slot No values turn on. Please help.

@RSW - can you post the before and after pictures? If there is not a pump or master valve on the system, then that terminal should be empty on the Rachio. Could it be that zone 1 is connected to the M terminal on the Rachio and it should be connected to a zone terminal?

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Thx DLane here are the before and after

@RSW - move the yellow wire that is the M terminal in the Rachio right one slot to the 1 terminal and you’re done.

No need to have the master valve option set in the application.


Thank you for your help

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