Zone Next Run Time in API

I’ve read everything I can find and it appears the non-publicized APIs can get the next run time of a zone but the Official API documentation does not.

Further, @franz explicitly states this is not exposed as though it was a deliberate policy perhaps.

I’m trying to solve two problems:

  1. Get a notification when the back yard is due to run so I can remove obstacles and toys that would ruin the watering. Made a suggestion for an app notice but an API would provide more options.
  2. Get a warning two weeks before a zone is about to start watering again. I live in a temperate climate and the controller automatically stops watering over the winter. I’d like a notice when watering will resume so I can turn on the exterior water and check heads.

Can we reliably use as suggested here:
Next scheduled watering for each zone is not in api, could that be implemented? ?

If there is a policy against exposing this data, do you mind sharing why please?

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I’m seeing some broad interest in automating around next run data. Can we reliable use for this or can the official API be extended?


We don’t have current plans on the roadmap to extend the public API functionality.

If you can find that data using the cloud rest API there are no plans to deprecate, but we do not provide documentation or externally support those endpoints.


So we are good to use the API but don’t ask technical questions and it may change or stop working in a couple years.

Got it, Thanks!

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So no plans to to extend api. Isn’t how you keep us as customers? Evolve, keep new stuff coming? I love Rachio but certain items to integrate into other systems as a whole need to be within the API.