Zone Low Pressure (Leak) Detector and Alert?


Maybe down the road you can offer a zone pressure detector that would send an alert when Rachio detects lower pressure for a given zone. This would indicate a possible leak in your zone. You could even have the Rachio turn off the zone if it does detect low pressure.


Thanks for this, I’ll be sure the product team reviews. I like the scenario!



I wonder if you could use the same valve wire to power and communicate the low pressure sensor (detector) ?


Hmm…I’ll pass this by our hardware guru. I think there might be other challenges.



What was the feedback? I want to implement a digital alert for water leaks in my system, since flow sensors are very expensive and water bill checking comes after the fact. I thought a pressure check with ITTT. I found tech solutions here how to bring digital input. This is not something Rachio could scale and offer as an useful addition in its options? a few cheap 10 euro pressure checks with alarm option to spot performance issues or identify major problem immediately.


I am not aware of a pressure detector, but know a flow sensor would definitely do this. Yes, it would be great to have an alert and automatic shutdown if a pipe break or missing or broken sprinkler occurs.


the link offers a method how to do it, technical it seems possible, question of this topic is if Rachio can/wants to implement this feature.


I watched the video. But from being in the irrigation industry quite a while, a flow sensor installed on the mainline will detect a break, which causes a drop in pressure and flow. Hunter manufactures flow clik but i am not sure if it is compatible with Rachio.