Zone List Interface Issue: + and - button

When I try to use the zone list interface to manually water a zone, I frequently end up closing the stop/run/+/- area of the interface when trying to use the + and - buttons to add or subtract time. It would be an improvement if some space were added above the + button and below the - button to prevent this inadvertent action.

@trozier‌ To your point here and in our other post, we will be redesigning how this control works soon. It will become more of a stand alone controller in the app.

When selecting a zone for manual watering, it would be nice for the selected zone along with the stop/run/minutes selector area to be distinguished visually from the non-selected zones. I realize that the user can always just remember that the stop/run/minutes selector belongs to the zone above it, however I think this suggestion would be an improvement for new users who are learning the app and developing their initial impression of its ease of use.