Zone is at 93% but wants to water again tomorrow

So I have two drip line zones that have been behaving fine until today. I have one flex daily schedule for both of them and last night the schedule ran since moisture was near 0%.

One of the zones now says it’s at 89% and the other 93%. The one at 89 says it’s going to water again on the 9th. But the other one says it’s watering again tomorrow.


Ps. All advanced settings are “default”.

Please post moisture level graph with the details. The one from the web app is the easiest one to view.

Can you post the details? Just the graph is not enough info.

Welp. It’s now saying it’s going to run on the 14th and not the 4th.

I thought the schedule only updated every 12 hours?

And hour before watering. When needed, I usually toggle cycle and soak back and forward to force regenerate the schedule.

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Ok. Seeems like it’s nothing to worry about. Cheers!