Zone Guide For Landscaper

My landscaper is familiar with Rachio’s functionality & the zones in my yard but I wanted to be sure that we were all on the same page in case one of his guys had to do something & I or he was not around. So I created a spreadsheet with the zone number & corresponding photo of the area (inspired by the Rachio mobile app). I may create a Guest Wi-Fi network so he can use his mobile app to manage the system in case I am not available. After printing, I trimmed the excess & laminated the page then zip tied it to the outdoor box.



That is an ingenious idea! Thank your for sharing that with the community!

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Thanks for the feedback George! I may change it by adding a “reminder” note of how to manually start a zone just in case…

You could just give him access, as many of my clients do. He doesn’t need your wifi- he can access the system through his cellular data.