Zone Fault - Master valve - zones won't come on

I’ve recently received a “Zone fault detected” while running master valve. The weird thing is, I’ve had the master valve disabled in the app the entire time I’ve had the Rachio (around a year). When we bout the house, the master valve was causing us issues but I could not find it so I used the work around of ignoring the master valve and it worked on my old controller as well as the Rachio until this week. I rebooted the Rachio and enabled then disabled the master valve in the app but my zones still won’t come on. Before I rebooted, I got the error and the zone light would flash red on all zones. After the reboot and master valve enabling/disabling, the light flashes blue again on the zones but nothing comes on. Any thoughts?

I have not yet checked voltage as I figured I’d try here to see if any recent updates have been pushed that might have caused an issue or change.

I have the Rachio Gen 3.

Almost sounds like the master valve is still causing issues. It’s possible that there is a problem with the diaphragm inside of it, or the solenoid operating it, and when Rachio tried to fire it, it locked itself up (the valve)?

Tough one. I’d say your first goal is to try and find it. Obviously, it should be between the water supply and the zone valves, so I’d start hunting!

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Thanks, tmcgahey. I believe the culprit is the master valve and I’m currently out trying to find it. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll upload pictures of my yard when it’s located. It’ll probably be mole-esque!

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Good luck! When I bought my house, I spent a ton of time mapping out my whole system. With 22 zones, valves in 7 different valve boxes spread front, back, and side of my yard, I figured it was in my best interest to familiarize myself with it!

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