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When I initially set my zones, should I keep the duration as the system wants? I am used to setting, for example, my zone for 25 minutes, every other day. The system set the same zone up for around 50 minutes not as often. I am by no means an expert on how I had it set so I just want some opinions on how well the defaults work.


I am no expert, since I’ve only had my Rachio for a few weeks, but from what I understand, these times will change over time. When it gets hotter and dryer, the durations may increase, during the cooler months, they may go down. I too have manually changes some durations, and I am wondering if that is a good or bad idea, and even if I have, will they change as the season changes…

What you have been used to doing was probably not the optimal way to water your lawn - I have learned so much new to me information since getting my Rachio. The better way to water is to water deep, less often. You don’t want to encourage shallow roots, but develop deep roots for a healthier lawn.

Hey @cboese-

What type of schedule are you using? Regardless of type, any recommendations Rachio makes for watering are entirely based off of your zone settings. If you did not program these in the beginning, I would recommend adjusting them to your yard! Let me know if you would like any help with that.

@alfredoj is mentioning our seasonal shift feature, which will adjust based on the historical weather for your area.

What @Linn mentioned has to do with our Flex Daily scheduling. Like he said, it is often a big shift from how you previously watered, but it is actually the healthier way to water your lawn, and will ultimately save you water!!

Let me know about your schedule type and zone settings, and we will get you on the right track!!

McKynzee :rachio:

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Water schedule is Flexible Monthly.
Smart Cycle Yes, Weather Intelligence Yes
Hope this helps:

All Zones Warm Season Grass, Clay ( Not sure about that I do have some clay)

Zone 1 - Rotary Head, Lot’s of sun, Slight Slope
Zone 2 - Rotary Nozzle, Some Shade, Slight Slope
Zone 3 - Rotary Head, Lot’s of sun, Flat
Zone 4 - Rotary Head, Lot’s of sun, Slight Slope
Zone 5 - Fixed Spray Head, Some Shade, Flat
Zone 6 - Shrubs, Emitter, Some Shade, Flat

Hey @cboese-

I apologize for the delayed response! Rachio does tend to water longer but less frequently. Did you end up sticking with the given durations? How is it going so far?

McKynzee :rachio: