Zone controller issues

I’ve just installed a new Rachio 3 16 zone controller. I have 12 zones and have connected each to the corresponding slot in the controller. When I went to start up, Zone 1 worked. Zone 2 worked. But zones 3-12 activated but turned on the zone 2 sprinkler heads only. Even zones 13-16 activated the zone 2 sprinkler heads without any wired connections to the unit. And the manual control doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

@Bcolvey - was the prior controller run and the zones checked immediately before changing to the Rachio to verify all zones ran correctly before the migration?

A couple of thoughts:

  1. Valve 2 is manually open or has failed open.

  2. There may be a break in the field wire, probably the common wire after zone 2.

Do you have a multi-meter to test resistivity between the Common wire and zones 3 - 12 (I do this with both ends disconnected from the Rachio)?

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You say you have 12 zones, but I only see wires up to zone 11. You also have a wire in the master valve slot. Did you by chance plug everything in one slot off?

Looks like the blue wire labeled 2 (assuming zone 2) is actually in slot one.

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