Zone changed to 3.5 hrs after Seasonal Shift

Hi there,

I have a soaker hose that runs for 1 hour. After Seasonal Shift it was changed to over 3.5 hours and completely drowned my trees. Did anyone ever have this happen?

Obviously this is really bad and Rachio should have some guardrails to warn or prevent this from happening!

Fyi, I’ve already flagged to Rachio support.



Have any other settings been changed?

I did notice the Spray Head setting was incorrect and changed it from Fixed Spray Head to Drip Line. However, I didn’t see the duration change when I did that.

Actually I just tested it and that’s what caused it. It changed the duration by a factor of 5. I would think it should warn or notify you about this…

I imagine they expect users to actually examine the results of changes they make :wink:

going from something that puts out gallons in a minute to something that puts out gallons in an hour… I think a drastic change in scheduling would/should be reasonably expected :slight_smile: